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Is This You?


Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees….because your vision may be impaired…

Here are a few things I know about you…

You know, deep down in your soul that you would be an amazing mother.

You never imagined it would be THIS hard.

It’s a deep yearning and longing within you that sometimes is too painful to even admit.

You might even find yourself at times in company, denying that it’s that important to you.

Because you feel shame, guilt and embarrassment at the fact that it still hasn’t happened.


Or maybe it has happened, but your baby stayed only for a while.
And you didn’t tell them…

So you’re silently grieving.

They probably wouldn’t understand.

You have a great track record for working hard in life for something in order to achieve it.
You just assumed when the right time would come, this would happen too.

And it didn’t.

Over and over again , it didn’t happen.
Even though you’ve tried what seems like EVERYTHING.


It’s exhausting.


The uncertainty is scary as hell. Feelings of failure can take your breath away sometimes.
Part of you maybe even feels like you don’t have a right to grieve because you never had the baby in your arms in the first place (only in your heart).

Anxiety and uncertainty may be your frequent companions.

Frustration, fear, isolation and guilt like to show up to this party too.

Not to mention how having problems getting pregnant (or staying pregnant) affects your relationships, finances, career and quality of life.

So you paint on that smile. You daren’t let it slip.

You ‘soldier on’. Because you have to.

Because LIFE. GOES. ON.





Except yours is on pause.

You know that you would be happy if you could just have a baby.

To the outside world it might even look like you’ve got your shit remarkably together.

Inside, dealing with infertility is a battlefield.

I know you. I see you. That was me too.

Sometimes it felt like an endless treadmill, a runaway train and I just wanted to jump off and for the pain to stop.

But I wanted to be a mum SO BADLY.

I know you do too. And I know the pain can seem endless.

I also know it doesn’t have to be this way.

You CAN be free of this emotional prison. I want to show you how it’s possible for you.

Whether you’re seeking to optimize your fertility treatment success, miscarriage support or another form of fertility help, do please take a peek at my offerings below:

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Tailored, individual 1 to 1 work with Claire. Experience deep personal transformation and increase your chances of pregnancy success using mind-body medicine.

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See our current fertility programs, self -paced courses and group experiences, designed to make your powerful mindset your greatest asset on your journey.

Success Stories

Read about the amazing and touching words from women who have had many obstacles in their way, find some inspiration for your fertility journey in these success stories.

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