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About Me

“I fell off the cliff…. but I learned how to swim.”

Hi, I’m Claire.

Around 2011 my husband and I ‘decided’ we’d like to ‘try’ for a baby.

Retrospectively, I can now see all the gaping holes in that plan…

I was becoming well-known as a fertility expert and hypnobirthing instructor locally.

I was building a reputation for helping others to become pregnant, stay pregnant and have amazing and empowering birth experiences.

My email inbox was overflowing with pregnancy announcements, positive birth stories and immense gratitude for my part in helping people to come back to themselves and loving their lives again ,and of course joyfully welcoming their babies into the world – thanks to the power of fertility hypnotherapy and coaching tools and techniques they were mastering.

 As a hypnobirthing teacher, I was getting weekly amazing birth stories and photos of babies who entered the world positively and calmly. Babies who came to their parents using pregnancy hypnotherapy and mind-body connection techniques to prepare from conception to birth. 

But I couldn’t have a baby myself.

Cruel irony or what?
(I did sometimes laugh a little manically about the irony and unfairness of it all).

Inside, I felt embarrassed and ashamed.

And a complete failure as a woman.

“We teach what we most need to learn”.

My long journey to my daughter was my most painful lesson and also my greatest blessing.
After 4 long years of ‘trying’ and failing to have a baby – I finally realised that I was actually reducing my chances of achieving my dream by more than 50%!

No matter how many treatments, tweaks, tests we had – I WAS SABOTAGING THE PROCESS!

My path to my daughter made me who I am today.

It came to show me my mission in life.

To guide me to my purpose and my passion of showing others the limitless potential they hold within.

# Fertility treatments I've had

# of times I needed help and was too proud to ask for it

# of IVF medicine cooler bags I still have in my kitchen cupboard which I thought I would happily dump, but haven't.

Minimum # of times per day that I give thanks for my daughter and everything she taught me, before she even got here.

Why choose me as your guide?

“You just get it.” – Something I hear weekly from my clients and community.

You see… I feel the pain of others who have the same longing I had.


When my clients contact me telling me their happy pregnancy news or indeed the news of their longed for baby’s birth after years of pain and losses, my world just lights up and I cry happy tears with them!

I hold safe non-judgemental space for them to find the massive powerhouse of possibility that exists when mind, body and spirit are fully aligned.

I believe it is my purpose in life to show people how they can empower themselves, so they can activate the massive power of the mind-body fertility connection to help them to conceive and to be fully prepared for life as a parent.

Of course, I can’t make any promises. I wish I could. No one can.

Hell, if I could – all the fertility clinics in the world would be working for ME! 🙂

But I do know that when science and mind-body medicine fuse together, amazing things are possible.
I have seen it time and time again.

I lived it personally. And it’s now my mission to spread that message far and wide.

I am here to make a big impact in the world of fertility care, pregnancy and birth.

I truly believe that is my purpose – what I am here to do.

Are you ready to know how you can free yourself too?

Why trust me?

I have been holding space for couples in pregnancy in some form or another for over 10 years now.

I’ve been called a few names in my time…

Miracle Worker.
Fertility Warrior.
Heart Healer.
Womb Whisperer (my personal favourite).

I’ve been told many times that I am an expert in leading people home to themselves.

The funny thing is though… It’s NOT about me.

Whenever someone thanks me for becoming pregnant , for having a calm, peaceful pregnancy- or indeed helping them to get the joy in their lives back – I always show them the mirror so they can see themselves..

The real heroes in my life are my brave and amazing clients and community.

I simply shine the light for them to see their own magnificence within.

The untapped potential that can be discovered when they make space and break down those inner blocks which can prevent the flow of life.

I consider myself to be like a lighthouse of sorts.

I shine the light for you to heal your fertility story.

So you can find your way back to yourself.

I know that doing this can help you to thrive in your life once more, so that life can then thrive within you.

The ‘Official’ Bio

Claire Brett is a clinical hypnotherapist, fertility coach and hypnobirthing practitioner.
She is an expert in positive psychology and reproductive emotional health and wellness.

Claire trained with the renowned Hypnofertility Institute back in 2008, became a Fertile Body Method Coach in 2009 and continues to support couples going through fertility struggles today – providing many levels of support and coaching ,so that their mental and emotional health and well-being becomes their biggest asset and ally throughout conception, pregnancy and beyond.

Claire’s dedication and passion for her work has been deepened by her own long and harrowing IVF journey which finally brought her to meet her daughter.


Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy)


HypnoBirthing Association Educator (KG Hypnobirthing, UK)


Certified Hypnofertility Therapist (The Hypnofertility Institute, USA)


Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator (The Hynobirthing Institute, USA)


Certified Fertility Coach (The Fertile Body Method)

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