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About Claire – Fertility Expert | Hypnofertility & Hypnobirthing

About Me “I fell off the cliff…. but I learned how to swim.” Hi, I’m Claire. Around 2011 my husband and I ‘decided’ we’d like to ‘try’ for a baby. Retrospectively, I can now see all the gaping holes in that plan… I was becoming well-known as a...

Free Resources | Mind Body Tools For Fertility

Free Fertility Resources Feast your eyes and get your hands on my top FREE resources right here! Choose the ones you’re drawn towards – to help you escape overwhelm and start living your life again, while still holding gentle space for your baby to come in. Get...

Is This You? – Dealing with Infertility

Is This You?   Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees….because your vision may be impaired… Here are a few things I know about you… You know, deep down in your soul that you would be an amazing mother. You never imagined it would be THIS hard. It’s a deep...
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