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Natural Fertility Audio Program

In our natural fertility audio program, there are 3 powerful guided visualization tracks to support your fertility naturally:
1) Nurturing Green Light Of Fertility.
Grounding, centering and feeling fertile.
2) Inner Goddess Healing
Healing hurts and nurturing your fertile soul.
3) Control Room & Letting Go
Achieving optimal settings of mind, body, soul in your ‘fertility control room’, while letting go of the attachment to a particular outcome.
Price: €29

Your IVF Audio Companion

Listen to each track for 5-7 days before each stage of IVF / ICSI – to help you to calmly navigate your IVF treatment and improve your chances of pregnancy. 
(Tracks 3 & 4 prior to egg donation transfer).

Tracks List:

  1. Golden Light Stimulation
  2. Calm Egg Collection
  3. Relaxed Embryo Transfer
  4. Implantation & Letting Go

Price: €39

Conceivable 10 Week Coaching Program

My popular signature self-paced program enrolls at certain times of the year.
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