Fertility, Stress and the Mind-Body Connection

People often ask me how fertility coaching and reducing the stresses of fertility problems can actually make a difference to your fertility. This is one of my favourite subjects. We live in a world of IUI, IVF, Egg donation, embryo adoption (I could go on but I know...

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Coping With Infertility When the Whole World is Pregnant

I believe in the law of attraction. I think I've been using it in many ways for many years now, long before I knew how it worked. Little did I know how powerful it really is, until I used it to help me overcome obstacles in my life. I had been making it work for me in...

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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay This Christmas

So here we are at that time of the year again. You know... THE most wonderful time of the year (insert appropriate Christmas jingle here); planning turkey dinners, jingle bells,  obligatory trips to see relatives we haven't seen all year long. And of course the...

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6 Top Tips to Banish Fertility Stress

New year, new beginning. Ring out the old, ring in the new. That's what we all say as the bells chime and a new year is born. It's a fact of life that gyms are full for the month of January, and then start to empty as commitment starts to dwindle and 'real life' (or...

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Had Enough of Pregnancy Announcements? Here’s What To Do

When you are trying to become pregnant, they seem to be everywhere don't they? There just seems to be no escape from those good old pregnancy announcements. And people seem to be just coming at you and wanting to give you lots of information about how EASY it was to...

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