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Have you experienced failed fertility treatments?

Have you been diagnosed with unexplained infertility?

Have you suffered from one or more miscarriages?

Do you worry you will never have a baby?

Would you like to know how to improve your fertility more holistically?

Are you constantly hearing the ticking of your biological clock?

Do you wonder if stress, fear, and a lack of self-belief are playing a role in your fertility struggle?

Don’t miss this event if you want to learn:

How to maximize your fertility, increase your likelihood of becoming pregnant and maintain a healthy and happy pregnancy.

How imbalances in the mind-body fertility connection have been scientifically proven to affect your ability to get pregnant.

A deeper understanding as to why it’s crucial to be your own best supporter and ally on your fertility journey.

Why you must look past the quality of your eggs and look at improving the quality of your life.

and more…

What you’ll walk away with:

Simple but powerful action steps and daily practices to boost your fertility now.

An ability to trust, accept and believe in the power of your body again.

Proven tools and resources to support you (whether trying naturally or embarking on fertility treatment).

A deeper understanding of the importance of how living a fertile life fuels your ability to conceive.

Meet Our Amazing Experts

Claire Brett
Your Summit Host

Molly Nichols
Fertility Coach & Healer

Elisabeth Manning
Global Intuitive Coach & Author

Sarah Holland
Fertility Calm Coach

Dr. Katherine Zagone
Naturopathic Doctor & Fertility Specialist

Russell Davis
Fertility Coach & Hypnotherapist

Mary Goyer
Holistic Fertility Specialist

Kate Davies
Fertility Nurse Specialist & Coach

Lauren Hanna
Sacred Fertility Yoga

Sarah Clark
Fertility Coach & Author

Nancy Mae
The Energetic Fertility Method

Steph Grainger
Fertility & Parenting Coach

Stephanie Roth
Integrative Fertility Coach & Mentor

Rachel Campbell
Fertility Health Coach & Mentor

Clare Blake
Fertility Massage Therapy

Kelly Meehan
Soul Baby Communication

Gordon Mullins
Fertility Acupuncture Specialist

Kathy Payne
Hormone Health & Fertility Coach

Linda Ryan
Fertility Acupuncture Specialist

Nita Ewald
Integrative Fertility Coach

It’s Not too Late! You Can Still Own All Our Incredible Interviews for only $97 Click Below
To Get Immediate Access!

About your host Claire Brett

Hi, I’m Claire.

I am a fertility hypnotherapist, mindset coach & antenatal teacher. I’ve supported hundreds of couples from conception through to birth over the past 10 years and I happen to have had a long and difficult path to motherhood myself. I have been to the darkest of places and I have learned along the way how CRUCIALLY important maintaining a positive and healthy mind, body and spirit really is when navigating your path to parenthood.

It is my mission to inspire & help as many women as I can to move past the fear, the heartache and hopelessness and reach a place of courage, self-belief, inner peace and happiness – just like I did. To share how I managed to achieve my dream of becoming a mother after a long and intensely difficult road of fertility treatment and how you too can step closer to your dream.

Many people are not aware that when stress, anxiety and fear are constantly present, fertility hormones become compromised. It has been scientifically proven that when mind and body are not in harmony with each other – conception is far less likely to take place. Yet so many people only look at the physical aspects of fertility. I understand that. I did it too. Even as a mindset coach and hypnotherapist!

I believe that the fertility struggle is one of the most difficult things a person can endure in life. I also believe that the low success rates of fertility treatments would be higher if we tended to our emotional and mental well being as a priority.

That is why The Mind-Body Fertility Summit was born! To show you that there really is another way. To help you to lighten the heavy load you may be carrying daily and possibly silently. To reassure you that you are not alone.

I have partnered with 20 of the world’s leading fertility experts, doctors, teachers and holistic fertility practitioners to provide FREE life-changing education, strategies, tools and resources to guide and support you on your journey toward becoming a parent.

It all kicks off on Sepember 18th. I hope you’ll join us for this transformational event.                                                         Please sign up to The Summit above to receive all of our expert’s interviews and their amazing free gifts to you.