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My fertility coaching services ore offered in the form of support programs and session bundles (as opposed to one-off sessions).
Most progress and transformation is noticed between 4-6 sessions (over a 8-12 week period).

If you are looking for focused support for your fertility treatment, it may be 2-4 sessions.

To establish which program is the best fit for you, please book a 15 minute call with me here:

It is my deep hope that I can assist you in overcoming the emotional challenges you face in order to get you closer to your dream.

If you have another inquiry, please email us here:

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Claire Brett

I am an experienced coach, antenatal educator and hypnotherapist and I happen to have had a difficult path to motherhood myself. Find out more

My programs and packages are tailored to you. Just as each woman and her fertility challenges is unique, so is my support. Please arrange a FREE call with me so I can assess your individual needs and guide you towards the best option for you.

If you're not sure what you need (and you'd like to just have a conversation to see what may be possible for you) – feel free to have a chat with me. Sometimes we don't know what is holding us back and ways to move forward until we talk a little about it with someone who really gets it. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a coaching session, but an exploration of how I might best help you to move forward on your path to parenthood.)

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