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Coaching With Claire

Fertility Coaching Sessions are conducted worldwide via Zoom video call, from the comfort of your own home or chosen space (I promise it’s SO easy- even if you feel you’re technically challenged). All you need is a good internet connection and an undisturbed space.

The frequency of the sessions is totally up to you and what is going on in your fertility journey at that time.

Many of my ladies going through IVF love the flexibility of booking a session when they really need it, such as around the time of embryo collection or transfer and in the two-week wait.

So I work with you to best suit your needs.

Take a look at my Fertility Coaching Programs and IVF Support Program below to see which one feels like the right fit for you. 

All of our fertility support bundles begin with an initial deep-dive session with Claire – to establish your fertility history, set goals and make a plan of action for our time together. The number of sessions needed varies for each individual (these are offered blocks of 3 or 6 sessions).

Claire will advise you on which package most suits your current circumstances. Treatment plans are fully flexible throughout (I know all too well that all things fertility-related can be unpredictable) – so we can respond to any new experiences or matters that arise during our time together. We will discuss the best options and rhythm for you at the initial session.

My clients love having the flexibility to tap into extra support if they’ve got a big milestone coming up / they need support at a difficult time / ‘pep talk’ or toolbox reminders prior to a big event.

Unsure which coaching package you should book? No worries! Book a 20 minute Q & A connection call with Claire here:

Here’s what some of my happy clients have said:

“I knew I was self-sabotaging my success of getting pregnant but had no idea why, what to do or whether there was anything I could do. I cannot really explain how different I felt when I did conceive to when I first started our time together. 

You have been an invaluable part of this journey for me.

Thank you Claire from the bottom of my heart.
I cannot express my gratitude enough for the work that you do xx”

-Emma, Birmingham, UK.

Watch this short video of the gorgeous Sorcha sharing how she benefited from going through The Freedom Fertility 6 Session Program and how it changed her life in so many ways:

Fertility Coaching Programs

Coaching Consult With Claire €150

This is where our journey together begins. We do a deep-dive into where you are currently, assess what you’ve done to date and make an action plan to get you closer to bringing your baby home.
You’ll be guided as to which coaching package is recommended for your current stage and circumstance (if we haven’t established this already).

This session can also act as a ‘top-up’ for existing clients, support if you’ve just become pregnant or as an extra if you have an event or treatment coming up and you would like some focused attention and laser coaching to help you though.
My clients love these powerful ‘booster’ sessions!

Fertility Foundations: €395

This is a great place to begin the process of transforming your fertility journey, if you’ve been struggling to get pregnant for quite some time.

Three sessions gives us the time to identify some of the major pain points for you wherever you are at in your fertility process and put in place some key strategies to transform how they impact your world!

Fertility Foundations provides BONUS support and resources to aid you in this mission including:


  • Additional workbooks and tasks
  • Powerful Hypnosis Audios /Guided Meditations
  • Email support between sessions

Freedom Fertility Formula: €795

The Freedom Fertility Formula is a proven, deeply transformational process – which is specifically designed to help you to eradicate the massive negative impact fertility problems are having on your life, while gently creating healthy space for your baby AND increasing your chances of pregnancy.

With these tools and techniques, you will learn to harness the power of the mind-body connection to boost your likelihood of becoming and staying pregnant.

(This work has been proven to double pregnancy success rates – both naturally and through IVF!) 

Unsure which coaching package you should book? No worries! Book a 20 minute Q & A connection call with Claire here:

IVF / Egg Donation Enhancement Program

Having been through 5 fertility treatments and SO much prodding over the years (and feeling a lot like like a science experiment at times) – Claire knows a thing or two about how to thrive through the IVF process, (rather than just survive it) – while utilizing all the best ways to increase IVF success.

Fertility treatment is a massive assault on the senses – particularly the emotions, body confidence and finances are first in the firing line! Over 20 years of research has proved that the stress of all of those things can actually impact the likelihood of success of the treatment!

The extra strain we are under at this time cannot be denied and has been proven by medical research that maintaining a calm mind and body during these processes as a smart way to prepare for IVF treatment is crucial.

Teaching mind-body tools to women going through infertility has been proven time and time again to more than double pregnancy / IVF treatment success rates!
This statistic is repeated across multiple Harvard University research studies over the last few decades and shows the many ways that women can elevate both their natural fertility and improve their IVF experience too.

The IVF / Egg Donation Coaching Package is tailor made for your individual circumstance. Claire works with you privately to ensure that you are 100% in shape (mind, body, spirit) for your treatment.

So that you can thrive through your treatment – feeling confident in the knowledge that you are doing everything within your power to increase your chances of success, while also knowing you can handle everything that happens.

What you’ll get:

  • 4 x 60 Minute Coaching Sessions (Video Calls with Claire).
  • Support Materials for each key stage of your IVF.
  • Powerful guided meditations / hypnosis tracks which keep your mind and body in equilibrium throughout your cycle.
  • ‘Voxer’ voice messenger support (think ‘coach-in-your-pocket’ – for those moments when you really need a pep talk / guidance / virtual hug.)
  • Extra Tools and Resources to keep you feeling calm and in control.
  • Empathic support from a coach and hypnotherapist who has supported herself and countless women through fertility treatment and pregnancy following infertility for over 10 years.
  • Assurance that you are giving yourself the best chance of a successful treatment outcome.

Your Investment: €495

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