About Claire Brett

Hello lovely lady struggling.

I see you because I have been where you are. I know what you’re going through.

You’re going through the motions of your everyday life but you are feeling stuck and empty inside.

Each time your monthly period arrives you feel hopeless and sad.

Your life feels like it’s on hold and your self-care is non-existent. You probably spend a lot of time saying “I’ll be happy when I’m pregnant and have a healthy baby.”

You put things off because there’s a chance you might become pregnant and so it feels like life is passing you by which further fuels your feelings of sadness.

You spend hours, days, maybe weeks online trying to find answers to your questions and researching ways in which you can just finally get to meet your take-home baby.

You’re finding yourself regularly feeling angry, jealous guilty and weary from trying to hold it all together.

You’re struggling to let go of grief, guilt and loss and live happily again.

I can help you to overcome the huge emotional challenges you face. I can help you to get clarity on your journey and release any emotional blocks to conception. I will listen, support, empathise and share my expertise with you. You can get your life back on track again. I can offer you a lifeline in what may seem to you like a sea of despair. Life can be so much better than it is right now for you.

Why listen to me? Good question.

Well…simply because I’ve been there. And I have come out the other side.

Hi there, I’m Claire.

I am an experienced fertility coach, antenatal educator and fertility hypnotherapist and I happen to have had a difficult path to motherhood myself.

I have been to the darkest of places and I have learned along the way how CRUCIALLY important maintaining a positive, healthy mindset really is when navigating your path to parenthood.

My Story:

My desire to be a mum was strong from when I was quite young. When my nephew was born, it grew stronger. When my 2 nieces came along – it was confirmed. I was hooked and I would definitely be a mum. It was just a matter of when.

My path in life and my career as a hypnotherapist and coach even led me to teaching empowering pregnancy & birth education to expectant parents (which I love!) and I just assumed that when the time was right (oh if only I had known) – that I would set about ‘making it happen’.

Why wouldn’t it? I am a person, you see – that has often taken risks in life and just DECIDED something was going to happen and it usually did. (These days I am learning to embrace my ‘inner control-freak’ but back then, I was tested to my limits)

6 months passed, I became worried. Then after 12 months, feeling totally lost and out of control. By 18 months of battling infertility I was an utter mess. But I put on my best ‘game face’ for the outside world. Inside I felt empty.

I taught my hypnobirthing classes every month to pregnant women & their partners and wondered if it would ever happen for me?

Looking back now, I wonder where I got the strength from to continue. I put on my ‘happy face’ and delivered my beloved birth education to my expectant parents and just wished and hoped so desperately that it would be our turn someday.

We were given the crushing diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’ and yes – the issue was most likely with me and my ‘older eggs’, but they couldn’t be sure.

What is a girl to DO with that kind of devastating news?  I immediately blamed myself. My self-esteem and self-belief were literally on the floor.

My husband and I were thrown into chaos and I started to panic. I think I brought that panic state with me wherever I went and I carried it like a boulder across my shoulders for probably 3 years or so.

Is it any wonder I was not conceiving? IVF or not!

Yes – there were other physical elements in play and my maternal age also, but my anxiety & fear and unhealthy beliefs were blocking the reproductive process.

Of that I am certain.

The heartbreak and repeated fertility treatment failures that followed at times almost became too much to bear. Nothing could have prepared me for the gut-wrenching disappointment that came with each new blow.

Trying to conceive nearly broke my spirit entirely. I lost touch with the fun-loving & bubbly person I used to be. Both happy and sad things happened around me throughout that period – but there was only one way it seemed I was capable of feeling:


“In avoiding sadness, we avoid our lives. When we numb the bad feelings we also numb the good ones” Brene Brown

But something deep inside inspired me to fight. Something had to change.

Here I was – an experienced hypnotherapist & coach with so many skills at my disposal – so I decided to use them. Properly.

I also did an enormous amount of research into how I could prepare myself physically & emotionally for a new cycle. With my husband’s encouragement, I decided also to ask for some guidance and support, which was the beginning of a whole new experience. I reconnected with myself and my inner strengths and I was encouraged to tap back into skills I had used in my years of hypnotherapy practice with my clients which had resulted in many pregnancies – which had begun to lay dormant in me (due to depleted hope).

And everything changed.

I want to share with you what I learned about the absolute necessity of developing a positive mindset through infertility. How I developed resilience, acceptance, courage and learned to enjoy my life & my relationships again (even before I became pregnant).

How I managed to achieve my dream of becoming a mother after a long and difficult road of fertility treatment and how I can help you to step closer to your dream too.

Fertility Footsteps & Mindset Magic

Community, Support and Inspiration on your Path to Motherhood

Why do I do what I do?

I adore supporting women and their partners through huge times of transition in their lives. I believe that the infertility is one of the most difficult things a person can endure in life.

It is my mission to inspire & help as many women as I can to move past the fear, the heartache and the hopelessness and reach a place of courage, self-belief, inner peace and happiness. Many people are not aware that when stress and anxiety are constantly present, conception is far less likely. It has been scientifically proven that when mind and body are in harmony with each other –  conception is far more likely to take place.

It has been sadly proven that people struggling with fertility problems over long periods of time suffer same levels of anxiety and depression as cancer sufferers and people recovering from a heart attack. See the research here: http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/The-psychological-impact-of-infertility-and-its-treatment

Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing couples that I met initially on their fertility journey sitting in front of me at my hypnobirthing course, preparing for their positive birth experience. That really does make my heart sing!

If you would like me as your advocate, guide and supporter as you take your next steps, then click here to check out the ways we can work together.

From the heart,

Claire’s Professional Qualifications:


Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy)


Certified Hypnofertility Therapist (The Hypnofertility Institute, USA)


Certified Fertility Coach (The Fertile Body Method)


Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator (The HynoBirthing Institute, USA)


HypnoBirthing Association Educator (KG Hypnobirthing, UK)