New year, new beginning. Ring out the old, ring in the new. That’s what we all say as the bells chime and a new year is born.

It’s a fact of life that gyms are full for the month of January, and then start to empty as commitment starts to dwindle and ‘real life’ (or rather old subconscious programming) starts to kick in.

This is not a new phenomena.

So, for the woman who had a baby on her Christmas list again this year, and yet again the stork lost her address – it can be a reminder of the utter failure she feels as a woman. Another year passed, another year older. Still no baby.

I know this feeling. I’ve ended too many years feeling like that.

I do know that beginning your year with an action plan can create many positive changes. The key though is taking a holistic approach. All too often women tick all the boxes when it comes to fertility checklist; diet, exercise, tests, timed intercourse, ovulation sticks, supplements, fertility body detox, etc.

But where is the self care? The self nurturing? How are your beliefs about your body’s ability to conceive?

Here are my 6 top tips for creating a more fertile mindset for the year ahead:

1. Tend to your mind like you would a beautiful garden.

Feed your mind with wholesome thoughts. You’ve probably been telling yourself some pretty negative stories about why you are not conceiving. What do you think might happen if you re-framed that and began to honour and love yourself a little more? If you tend to the soil, it will flourish.

2. Make meditation a daily practice.

It is proven that meditation improves our physical and mental health. Studies have shown that just 15 minutes spent meditating each day has a profound effect on health and well-being. Take time out for you daily – you are worth it.

3. Practice gratitude.

I’m all too aware that when you are trying to conceive, it’s difficult to be grateful. However, when you raise your vibration daily by naming and listing all the things you do have in your life, you are creating the most fertile environment (because our minds and bodies are speaking to each other all the time).

4. Get happy as you are now.

So many times I told myself ” I’ll do that when I have a baby” or stopped myself from doing things in case I got pregnant. That went on for years and my life was on hold. Your happiness cannot lie in any other person or thing. That’s a sure-fire way to flit through life never really being satisfied. Start assessing how you can enrich your life (the one you are currently living), because amidst this can lie the magic of letting go of the outcome.

5. Slow down.

It’s customary (especially for ladies that have been told their eggs are not viable or their ovarian reserve is depleted) to want to speed up the process, but this can result in snap decisions which do not serve a fertile purpose. Know that when you make a well-informed decision on your journey it will feel right on all levels. Let your intuition guide you and listen to your gut.

6. Manifest and attract your baby to you.

Assess whether the world you currently reside in is safe, nurturing and loving. Is it a place that is welcoming for your future baby? It’s important to act as if. If you hold beliefs that contradict your intention to conceive, it’s like being in the car and pressing the accelerator and the brake at the same time. It’s time now to start thinking about what you DO want instead.

Do you have a fast-paced lifestyle? Is there room for a baby in there? You have to make space in your head, heart and home for your future baby. Start clearing space. This could be clearing physical space in a cluttered home or mental space in your head that may be currently taken up with the physical ways of preparing (mentioned above).

In conclusion:

Be gentle but firm with your thoughts, beliefs and overall emotional well-being this year. You are the in the driver’s seat. Put the top down and let the wind blow gently through your hair. You may just catch the perfect breeze to boost your fertility.

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