A deeply healing and nourishing 10 week experience with Claire Brett.

Tap into your most powerful pregnancy power within and trust that your dream is CONCEIVABLE.

Are you struggling to become pregnant and feeling stressed, lost and isolated?

Are you plagued by thoughts of your ‘fertile window’ running out and racing against time?

Do you feel powerless, stuck and feel your body is broken?

Are you struggling with secondary infertility?

Are you approaching fertility treatment and feeling fearful, overwhelmed and bewildered by it all?

Does it seem to the outside world like you’ve got your life together – but you are screaming inside?

Do you regularly feel anxiety worry that you will never get to hold your baby in your arms?


I know how much it hurts. I also know what’s on the other side when you gather your courage and are willing to look a little deeper…

Can you imagine shifting all of that emotional roller coaster of stress, turmoil, agony and endless disappointment and transforming it into a much more balanced, relaxed and harmonious experience? (which guess what – is better for baby-making too!)
There is so much medical help out there and a million physical ways to prepare your body for conception – but if mind and body are not addressed equally, the journey to becoming a parent can be so much longer and more difficult.
“I would highly recommend Claire – she is so empathetic and inspiring. Claire has been a beacon of light and a pillar of strength for me throughout my fertility journey, my pregnancy and birth.
After a long and stressful journey to pregnancy, Claire helped me to be calm and positive in my pregnancy and equipped me to be confident in having type of birth I wanted. Thank you a million times Claire. “ T. Fitzgerald