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The Freedom Fertility Formula

Cracking the code of the F.E.R.T.I.L.E Mind in 6 life-changing sessions.

The struggle to create and grow your family can feel like an emotional prison, can’t it?

You stuff all the difficult emotion down, just so you can function in life and you are resigned to the fact that you will start fully living again WHEN you have your baby.

The problem which develops is that when you stuff all the emotion down, your body mistakenly learns from the messages of your subconscious mind that it’s not ‘safe’ to conceive.

The Freedom Fertility Formula is a proven 6-session process which is specifically designed to help you to eradicate the massive negative impact fertility issues are having on your life, while gently creating healthy space for your baby. AND it will massively increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

Struggling with fertility issues can become completely overwhelming – inadvertently trapping women and their partners in an emotional prison, from which it is hard to escape.

Freedom Fertility Coaching with Claire helps to release you by enabling you to reconcile being able to focus positively on your life once again, whilst holding onto your dream of having a baby.


  • So that you can live joyfully again and re-discover what lights you up in life.
  • So that you can get your relationship back on track.
  • So that you can have peace of mind and clarity in decision-making (instead of constant worry and uncertainty).
  • So that you can maintain friendships and a healthy social life.
  • So that you can be confident that you are naturally boosting your fertility through the power of mind-body medicine.

“I would absolutely recommend anyone struggling with infertility to contact Claire. Claire has changed my life not only in managing my infertility struggles but in all my life situations as I can adapt my learnings from Claire’s approach to all areas of my life. I felt lost and in a lonely place in my mind and body and I knew I needed support but wasn’t sure where to go and I’m so glad I chose to contact Claire as she has changed my life!” GL, Cork, Ireland

I can help you to bridge the gap between your body and your mind through a variety of techniques including fertility hypnosis, mindset mentoring and solution-focused coaching, guided visualisation and meditation.

Together, we get you to a place where your belief in yourself is rock-solid and your emotions strong.
This is the key which truly unlocks a truly ‘fertile state’.

How it works:

6 x Online Coaching Sessions (1-2 weeks apart)


Workbooks & Journaling Exercises


Powerful Guided Meditations/ Hypnosis Audios



Gentle accountability to support you in moving towards your goals

Email Support available between sessions



An experienced coach who has your back, every step along the way

The sessions are very informal in nature and allow you to share about how your fertility story is affecting you while uncovering anything that may be unhealthy for you and inadvertently working against you.

This is a collaboration between us.

We work together to increase your chances of pregnancy and work through what’s affecting you and how it can be improved by setting success steps for you to follow which move you forward.

Sessions are conducted virtually by video call and in between sessions, you have access via email during office hours for additional support.


“I would and already have recommended working with Claire to those in the fertility community.
My biggest regret is that I never worked with her sooner. I would have saved myself a lot of pain. Thanks to Claire I am now in a peaceful place of acceptance and hope.
A place I never believed that I could ever get to.”

Fiona From Dublin, Ireland

For a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for an average IVF treatment, you receive all these benefits:

  • Feel more in control of your emotions and reactions.
  • Be free from the sadness, anxiety & stress caused by fertility issues.
  • Access your inner spark & feel happy again.
  • Achieve better balance so what’s going on currently in your life doesn’t become all-consuming.
  • Develop inner peace and the ability to embrace and appreciate your life more.
  • Learn resilience, patience and acceptance, while maintaining hope.
  • Learn to let go of grief and old wounds and enjoy life again.
  • Access a safe space where you can feel support, empathy and confidence.
  • Feel confident support and guidance through all stages of your fertility treatment and increase its chances of success.

Your Investment: One payment of €795 (Saving of €90):

(Payment plan of 3 x €295 available):

“Your responsiveness, the guidance and coaching was phenomenal ! It was so amazing to be able to dig into the emotional blocks and see how releasing those blocks have really helped me grow into a new person LK, United States

The IVF Enhancement Process

Having been through 5 fertility treatments and SO much prodding over the years (and feeling a lot like like a science experiment at times) – Claire knows a thing or two about how to thrive through the IVF process, rather than just survive it.

Fertility treatment is a massive assault on the senses – particularly the emotions, body confidence and finances are first in the firing line!

The extra strain we are under at this time cannot be denied and has been proven by medical research that maintaining a calm mind and body during these processes is crucial.

Teaching mind-body tools to women going through infertility has been proven time and time again to more than double pregnancy / IVF success rates.
This statistic is repeated across multiple research studies over the last few decades and shows the many ways that women can elevate both their natural fertility and improve their IVF experience too.

The IVF Enhancement Process is tailor made for your individual circumstance. Claire works with you privately to ensure that you are 100% in shape (mind, body, spirit) for your treatment.

So that you can thrive through your treatment – feeling confident in the knowledge that you are doing everything within your power to increase your chances of success -while also knowing you can handle everything that happens.

What you’ll get:

  • 4 x 60 Minute Coaching Sessions (Video Calls with Claire).
  • Support Materials for each key stage of your IVF.
  • Powerful guided meditations / hypnosis tracks which keep your mind and body in equilibrium throughout your cycle.
  • ‘Voxer’ voice messenger support (think ‘coach-in-your-pocket’ – for those moments when you really need a pep talk / guidance / virtual hug.)
  • Extra Tools and Resources to keep you feeling calm and in control.
  • Empathic support from a coach and hypnotherapist who has supported herself and countless women through fertility treatment and pregnancy following infertility for over 10 years.
  • Assurance that you are giving yourself the best chance of a successful treatment outcome.

Your Investment: €495

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